Prime Minister Imran Khan First Complete Speech To Nation

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan 22nd elected prime minister Imran Khan complete speech to the nation and brief the nation what the problems of our country and how to resolve these problems he talks about our social problems, economy, education, health.

Here are the Key Takeaways from Prime Minister Imran Khan’s First National Address.

1. Pakistan’s current economic scenario
2. References of Riyasat-e-Madina
3. Cut down lavish expenses 
4. Tax Collection through FBR
5. Taskforce to eradicate money laundering
6. Boost exports
7. Bring in investments
8. Empower SMEs
9. Create ease for expats through embassies abroad

10. Control corruption
11. Whistleblower act
12. Interior ministry to remain under Imran Khan supervising the FIA

13. Improve judicial system for commoners
14. Appeal to CJP especially for cases related to widows

15. Revamp nationwide police system – appointment of Nasir Durrani in the advisory board of Punjab police

16. Juvenile rape cases
17. Focus on improving government schools as well as education system of madrassas

18. Taskforce to revamp existing system in government hospitals and introduce health card

19. Resolve water crisis and build diamer basha dam

20. Government to help farmers
21. Civil service reforms
22. District level reforms
23. 50 lac housing plan
24. Skill education
25. Interest free loans to youngsters
26. Sports ground for youngsters
27. Nationwide tree plantation campaign
28. Curb air pollution through ministry of environment

29. Campaign to clean Pakistan
30. Boost tourism nationwide
31. Development in former FATA region
32. Resolve issues in Balochistan
33. Southern Punjab province
34. Focus on Karachi’s development
35. Implement national action plan
36. Establish better relations with neighbors
37. Take responsibility for shelter and development especially of street children, widows and disabled people.

38. Prove himself as an example of simplicity

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